• Download: Trilobase version 8.4.0 (June-2021)


You can install Trilobase on any Windows PC (Windows 8 and 8.1, windows 10).

A minimum of 2GB of memory and 50MB of free disk space is required.

Just download the installation file and run it on your computer. Follow the instructions.

LATEST installation file V8.4.0 setup_v840.exe
PREVIOUS installation file V8.3.0 setup_v830.exe
Version 7 installation file setup_v7.exe
Quickstart manual (English)quickstart_en_v8.pdf
Quickstart manual (Dutch - Nederlands)quickstart_nl_v8.pdf
User manual (English)user_manual.pdf

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Info 3:

If you are already a user of Trilobase version 7, do not install version 8 in the same folder. Use a separate folder for this installation.

Trilobase is a Microsoft windows application. It does not run on a Mac. However, you can run it under parallels on Windws 7 (or later) on OSX Lion.  So if you have a Macintosh you can use it flawlessly by first installing a virtual machine.

Unfortunetly, I'm of no help on how to install parallels on a Macintosh.


Version 8.2.3 :  Some speed improvements during first load of the datatables.

Several reported bugs are corrected. The "listing" print format is added.

Spanish and Catalan languages are added.

Version 8.2.4 : The bibliography section is now inserted into the fossil, mineral and artefact windows.

The user can now select Bing Maps to display the collecting sites (Google maps does not always display the pins).

Version 8.2.5 : Image order can be set on the main image. Mammalia taxonomy is added. CSV exports are included.

Version 8.2.6 : Speed update when adding storage place. The user manual (PDF) is also included in the setup.

Version 8.2.10 : Minor improvements. New print (label without image) for fossils included.

Version 8.2.11 :

  • Import from V7 improved.
  • Google maps replaced by bing maps to display the collecting sites

Version 8.3.0 :

  • Bibliography is added to the sites.
  • Taxonomy files are converted to a new format (easier to maintain).
  • Taxonomy section (fossils) is rewritten. Filter function is added to faciliate searches.
  • Groups/Bibliography is now a tab-panel for the fossils,minerals and artefacts.
  • New print format (square label) is added for the fossils,minerals and artefacts.
  • Background worker is implemented to refresh the screens.

Version 8.4.0 (NEW) :

  • Bibliography issue with items and sites is solved.
  • Printing : formation is added to different labels (fossils only) + redesign of some labels.
  • Registration code


Trilobase is not a commercial software. It is developped and maintained by an amateur fossil collector who is also a professional IT application leader.

Writing and maintaining such a complex program takes a lot of time. The license of some software components used by Trilobase (ex. GdPicture) also costs quite a lot. Therefore the program is protected by a registration code.

You can install and test the full program without registration code, but it is limited to 100 fossils, minerals or artifacts.

If you are satisfied with the program you can obtain the registration code in 2 ways:

1: Exchange the program for a fossil, mineral or artefact

I prefer to exhange the TriloBase program for some fossil(s), mineral(s) or artifact(s).

Contact me by email (info@trilobase.com) with your proposal.

I'm mostly interested in echinoderms and trilobites but any material from your home country is welcome.

In return I send you the registration code.

2: Pay with credit card (PayPal)

Euro zone
Click on the PAYPAL logo to pay 15 Euro with your credit card
(secure, free and fast).

Click on the PAYPAL logo to pay 16 USD with your credit card
(secure, free and fast).

Great Britain
Click on the PAYPAL logo to pay 15 GBP with your credit card
(secure, free and fast).

Click on the PAYPAL logo to pay 22 AUD with your credit card
(secure, free and fast).

Click on the PAYPAL logo to pay 22 CAD with your credit card
(secure, free and fast).

I will contact you by email after reception of the payment confirmation by PayPal.

A delay of several hours (max. 1 day) is possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Contact info


If you need more information, please feel free to contact Danny Alexandre by email at "info@trilobase.com".

You can write me in English, Dutch or French.

U kan me schrijven in het Engels, Nederlands of Frans.

Vous pouvez m'écrire en Anglais, Néerlandais ou Français.