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- Welcome:


    Welcome to Trilobase version 8, a powerfull and easy to use database for both the amateur and professional fossil, mineral or artifact collector.


    You can build up your collection in many ways : You can go hunting for fossils, minerals or artefacts by yourself, you can buy nice specimen and you can trade items with fellow collectors.
    But what is absolutely necessary is a catalogue with the description of each item of your collection.

    - A fossil, mineral or artifact without information is almost worthless. -


    TriloBase is the ultimate software solution. This professional, well designed and easy-to-use program for the PC is the ideal tool to manage your precious collection. You can enter all the data like reference number, collecting site, name, description, size, bibliography, etc... Multiple photos can be entered with each item.


    Trilobase is not a commercial software. It is developped and maintained by an amateur fossil collector who is also a professional IT application leader. Version 8 of trilobase is completely rewritten in C# for the Windows .Net framework using the latest technologies.


    - Available in English, Dutch (Nederlands) and French (Français) -


- Fossils:


    All kinds of fossils can be entered in the database : Ammonites, sea urchins, trilobites, belemnites, brachiopods, sponges, corals, graptolites, shark teeth, plants, etc...
    Every fossil of your collection has its place in Trilobase.


- Minerals:


    Every mineral of your collection has its place in Trilobase. All the mineral properties can be entered manually or you can be selected them from a list of more than 3000 valid and approved IMA mineral names. This list with properties is included in English, French and Dutch.
    A direct link to Mindat (http://www.mindat.org) is also included (internet connection required).


- Artifacts:


    For each artifact you can enter the type, material, the period or age, how it is discovered, the dimensions, weight, etc.
    An artifact can be stone age material like axes and arrow points, medieval pottery, roman coins...
    Even paintings and other antiquarian objects can be entered without problems in the database.


- Collecting sites:


    You can easily enter the collecting sites in Trilobase. You can enter the type of site (quarry, natural exposure, road works,...), the route, contact information,etc...
    If you know the coordinates (in decimal format), you can open Google maps or Bing maps directly from within Trilobase to show you the exact location on the map (internet connection required).
    You can also store all additional data like photos and documents about the collecting site.


- Groups:


    The "Group" section of Trilobase is an unique feature that allows you to group items together. A good example is to create a group when you acquire an old collection: You can then create a group called "Old collection from John Doe" and store all the items from this collection in this group. You can also create a group for pathological fossils or special twin crystals. An item can belong to 0, 1, 2 or more groups.
    A clever use of the groups can make the search for certain items easier.


- Bibliography:


    Your bibliography can be entered in Trilobase. For each book, paper or pdf you can enter the author, title, abstract and keywords.
    A bibliography can be added to each fossil, mineral or artifact.


- Storage:


    It is very important to know where each item of your collection is stored. The storage section of Trilobase allows you to create "Rooms". In a room, you can add "Cabinets". And each cabinet can contain "Drawers". You can then create a link between the item (fossil, mineral or artifact) and its storage place. No more items gets lost or unfindable.


- Photos:


    You can add up to 99 photos for each single item in the database.
    Trilobase allows you to edit these photos (crop image, add text, draw retangles and circles, add arrows and lines). You can also zoom in up to 300% and export the image.
    An unique and very usefull feature of Trilobase is the ability to add rulers or scalebars to the images.


- Multiple languages:


    Trilobase v8 is currently available in 3 languages: English, French (Français) and Dutch (Nederlands).
    However, you can add new languages easily: just create and edit a new text file in the subfolder "/languages" of the Trilobase program.


- Requirements:


    You can run and install Trilobase on any Windows PC (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10).
    A minimum of 4GB of memory and 50GB of free disk space is required.




- Contact info


If you need more information, please feel free to contact Danny Alexandre by email at "info@trilobase.com".

You can write me in English, Dutch or French.
U kan me schrijven in het Engels, Nederlands of Frans.
Vous pouvez m'écrire en Anglais, Néerlandais ou Français.




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